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Training Schedules

Kool Kids Kanteen

U18 Colts

Players moving from U16 boys move into U18 Senior Colts Football

The Colts play in the QFA Maroon league aligned with Division 1 football and have all home games aligned with the Southport Sharks AFL NEAFL team.

In 2018 Southport Sharks Colts were Premiership winners.


Representative level players

17 year old’s – 1st priority is Suns Academy, then Sharks Colts which will include linking with Sharks NEAFL program on a regular basis for training / education.

18 year old’s – 1st priority is Suns Academy / Allies program, then Suns NEAFL, then QAFL Seniors. Talented 18 year old’s need experience against men so we encourage these kids to link with a QAFL club at this stage.

19 year old’s (if not drafted) – 1st priority is Suns NEAFL, then Sharks NEAFL, then QAFL Seniors.

20 Year old’s (if not drafted) – 1st priority is Sharks NEAFL then QAFL Seniors.

This pathway is for the talented kids who need every chance to get to AFL level.


Club level players

17 year old’s – Sharks Colts.

18 year old’s – Sharks Colts.

19 year old’s – Sharks Colts or QAFL Reserves or Division 2/3 Seniors at local clubs.

20 year old’s – QAFL Reserves or Division 2/3 Seniors.


Southport Colts play curtain raisers to our NEAFL Team and this allows our coaching staff to see these kids play on a regular basis.

This increases their chances of making our NEAFL list as per Terry Giacoumis in 2017 and Anthony Djurovitch in 2018.

The top 10 Colts of each year will be given an opportunity at either the Suns Academy or Sharks NEAFL the following summer.

Ground SizeFull Size
Players Per Team22 players (18 on field + 4 on Bench
AFLQ Umpires2 Umpires
2 Boundary
2 Goal Umpires
Game Time4 x 20 minute
RulesAFL Standard Rules